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AMSA Approved Certificate of Safety Training (CoST) Now from just $1,995

(Commonly called STCW95 or STCW10)

This course is for people who do not already hold an AMSA issued Certificate of Safety Training. More

Security Awareness Training (SAT)

Security Awareness Training is mandatory for all seafarers, including Masters, Deck and Engineering Officers, from 1/1/2014. If you have not yet completed this training you should enrol ASAP. Please click on this link for details. More

CoST 1 Day Refresher Course

This course is for seafarers who already hold an AMSA issued Certificate of Safety Training, meet sea time requirements and have completed AMSA's Security Awareness Training (SAT) or have satisfied SAT competency requirements. More

CoST 5 Day Revalidation Course

If you hold an existing Certificate of Safety Training but do not met AMSA's sea service requirements detailed above then you can complete this short course in order to gain revalidation of your existing CoST for 5 more years following 31/12/16. More