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Superyacht Industry

Due to the growth of the Superyacht industry in recent years, there is a increase in demand for suitably qualified men and women interested in a financially rewarding, exhilarating and satisfying career as crew on Superyachts operating mainly in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Assistance for students entering the Superyacht Industry

What does STCW mean?

STCW is an acronym for "Standards of Training and Certification for Watchkeepers". Over 160 Member Nations of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) are signataries to this international agreement.

Each nation has it's own regulator who enforces the laws of that nation which are designed to meet the STCW and other conventions under the IMO.

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Certificate Revalidation

Follow this link to establish what you need to do to revalidate your existing Certificate of Safety Training or Certificate of Competence.

Certificate Revalidation Courses